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    Just leave it at standard shipping that's the one i use all the time, it lists all those payment methods as amazon in japan is actually in the future so you can pay by many ways and yes i'm bitter as hell we dont have convenis in the uk lol. If you have ordered multiple items you can ask amazon to ship them together in few groups as possible this option is useful as tenso charge a consolidation fee but saying that sometimes amazon split my order apart into single items but it's the price i pay for been able to get hold of import stuff, especially stuff that is not available outside of japan on the net.

    I'm assuming you have added a credit card to amazon japan, if you have then that's what they will take the money from. With tenso they take their fees via paypal.

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    Pads have appeared on amazon uk but weirdly konami is not tailoring the pads to match the other systems so it's the japanese white ones or nothing.

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    Thanks to all for your help on getting set up with / Tenso. White PCE & Ultracore ordered via Tenso, and MD Mini and Va11hall-a (Switch) ordered direct.

    Please donít tell the missus :/

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    And so it starts, your bank balance funneling into the japanese economy lol

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    Surprise (final) extra games added including Splatterhouse

    Spriggan Mark 2
    Dragon Spirit
    Galaga '88
    The Genji and the Heike Clans
    The Legend of Valkyrie

    Far East of Eden II (Japanese ver only)

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    That means my top five are now on there if I’m remembering rightly. Just need them to make a functionally useless but aesthetically gorgeous CD-Rom add on for it like the Mega Drive Mini stack and I’m set.

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    Don’t toy with my emotions Colin I’d die if they made a interface unit in mini scale lol. I’m already super happy my wish of a pce mini was granted, the hard part is the wait it’s sooo far away.


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