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    Quote Originally Posted by vanpeebles View Post
    When ever I see the term influencer, I want to launch the alpha-omega, and damn all the apes (especially quality chimp).
    I'd take one for the team having read that article and bringing up a bit of sick in my mouth. Main culprits:
    "fan, media, and influencer festival"
    "experience hubs"
    "influencer and paid celebrity deals"
    "members of the Los Angeles Lakers could play a basketball video game in front of fans."
    "an additional 10,000 attendees, bringing the total number of consumers on the show floor to 25,000"
    "industry-only day"
    "major data breach leaked the personal details of more than 2,000 media and influencer attendees this year"
    "the ESA hasn't provided any substantial reassurance that it will be safe for media to attend going forward."

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    I shudder to think how this will affect the PS5 and Xbox console releases next year...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asura View Post
    I actually disagree; I think that while this will remain "a thing", I see it trending downwards - it has been ever since advertising watchdogs crashed the party of the peak of YouTube "influencers" a couple of years ago, who were essentially acting as unregulated advertisers and selling products to YouTube's audience, which at the time was a relatively young age group - hell, many of them were registered with "talent agencies" that were essentially advertising firms under a different name. They knowingly took money from big companies to sell products to impressionable kids; it was going on all over YouTube but of particular note were the makeup tutorials that were aimed at teen girls. It's no wonder the area grew so fast when it was doing something that would later be considered illegal.

    The recent "increase in volume" that has come out of this is due to companies who want promotion being more shrewd with their money, leading to bigger and louder micro-celebs who are fighting over what's left. That's why you're seeing so many endorsements for services like SkillShare or VPNs, because those fair better in the "new normal" of YouTube stars actually having to tell people if they're endorsing something.

    It'll reach some kind of equilibrium, of course. It isn't "going away", but I don't think YouTube influencers will reach the peak of around the time of the Fyre Festival fiasco in terms of their own revenue (outside of the very top tier, 5-10m+ subs). It'll only rise again when they find something else to do which they basically know, if they'd ever admit it to themselves, should-be-illegal-but-isn't-yet.
    I hear you that having gone through the Wild West phase, we’ll reach some kind of equilibrium in terms of how these people are able to monetise themselves. But it’s such a broad term - it can apply to almost anyone with a sufficiently strong and cultivated social following that it can generate revenue - that I just can’t see how it will be going away at all.

    I actually think it will get bigger. For Gen Z, the idea of celebrities being people whose Instagrams or YouTube channels have taken off is totally normalised. It’s a faster route for people to build celebrity than we’ve ever had before, and I don’t think some regulations around certain aspects of its monetisation will at all slow its growth long term.

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    To greet someone, you may say "hello", shake hands or maybe fist bump.

    In the near future, people will greet one another with the standardised point down and "remember to click like and hit that subscribe button."

    I found this article interesting about an Instagram "influencer" that appeared to reap the rewards of the hard work her best friend put into the account:

    However, now it's looking like Hollywood are thinking of a way to tell the story:

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    Coming 2021 to a Cinema near you:

    The Unsocial Network


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