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    E3 2020 General Discussion

    9-11 June 2020

    E3 will return but the question is will Sony? We'll be in the blistering pre-launch heat of two new consoles by then so another full year out, what would you like to see come next E3?

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    New hardware, less CGI trailers, more gameplay footage, less employees in crowds, less influencers and Bethesda TESO promotions that are friendlier to EU players.

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    I know it'd just be them doing the same as everyone else but the show undoubtedly was muted for their absence.

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    One got to laugh, When Restera was doing rumours of a small E3 both for MS, it was MS pulling out of the market but when SONY don't show up at all, they were right not to do so and some even saying they WON E3 by not showing up at all LOL

    This year was a great show with loads of good games on all systems and I was also impressed with how slick Nintendo E3 direct was too. Next year will be incredible, like E3 always is when its held in the same year as new consoles are due to be launched


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