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    The Shining II: Doctor Sleep

    I appreciate Nicholson's work in the first film but I never liked the film, I always found it to be a completely flat experience with no tension at all so I've largely ignored this.

    The new film acts as a sequel to that film's narrative as well as that of the books to try and appeal to both. It follows a grown up Danny Torrance who's powers are returning after a lifetime of suppression.

    It's directed by the man behind The Haunting of Hill House which is the biggest selling point to me. The film releases 08 November 2019

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    I saw the trailer before I knew it was connected to The Shining and I'm very, very glad I did because that was one heck of a reveal if you don't know it's coming. Hard to know what to make of the trailer but it definitely has my interest.

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    Looking forward to this. Never got round to reading the book so nice to go in fresh. Should have watched The Shining 4K Blu by then too, so I'll be right in the mood


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