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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    @J0e Musashi and all his sheathed controllers.

    Are they ribbed for her pleasure?

    I was thinking these look pretty sweet:

    Then realised I don't think I have any games that work without the analogue sticks!
    They are ribbed! I find them way more comfy than stock.

    HORI controllers allow you to switch the function of the d-pad. It’s not particularly useful though as not many games use just one analog stick nowadays.
    Kept you waiting, huh?

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    I just have one of those big red button controllers Microsoft makes. I use it on every game and just mash it with my tongue.

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    Standard for me, which is mainly because I do 95% of my gaming now on my Vita and it's built in!

    When I use my PSTV I use a white V1 DS4, when I use my bedroom PS4 I use a blue V2 as it matches the blue days of play console and on the Pro I use the grey anniversary DS4 from a few years back. I still have an unused white V2, two blue days of play V2's and a couple of black V1's that are just in a drawer.
    I don't use anything on the One, as I never use it!

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    These days, the vast majority of games I play on PS4 and Switch are indie games/shmups/retro and so I use a Hori Fighting Commander a lot of the time. I have a Brook adapter so I can use my PS4 controllers with the Switch.


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