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    F/T: Dino King MVS/JAMMA Conversion + 2Huwman MAME PC

    Bit of a long shot on here I know, but thought I'd gauge interest really, as as much I loved converting and designing this I'm moving to a bigger pad and am looking for another full size candy and this is not getting as much play time as it should.

    I've really worked hard to make this look like a beauty. And designed the SNK-stlye panel myself based on the Japanese Candys. It's wired up using Flinnster (from UKVACs) method, so it's VERY easy to switch over panels, as I've wired it up in a similar style, panel-wise it's plug and play.

    The front plastic is printed by Muddymusic of arcadeartshop (it's direct-to-plastic printing), as is the SNK-style control panel sticker. The SNK panel is stainless steel, also included is a VertVic 2-player panel. All parts (buttons and sticks) are Seimitsu.

    This was converted to JAMMA by myself and I made sure it is super neat inside. The monitor is pretty much burn free and I've adjusted it accordingly to get an incredible picture - it actually looks sharper than my Astro! I've also managed to make the picture even cleaner by running the monitor out directly to a 2Huwman Mini PC, which uses Linux and a USB to run MAME (flawlessly), Snes, Megadrive and PC Engine. It boots in about 5-10 seconds. Everything is standard JAMMA bar the video signal, this can be changed back although not sure why you would when it runs everything from a tiny PC!

    I've touched up any patches and repaired all dents etc. I've also replaced the coin-mech (as it was hit and miss)with a mechanical 10p one, so you get 10 pence arcade!

    This really was a labour of love and I'm still in two minds whether to get rid it, but at the same time I find myself using my Astro a lot more than this. So as lovely as it is would probably prefer something slightly larger now I have space.

    Pics are below. I will take some inside, and I have build pics if interested. I daren't think what I spent on it in the end, the 2huwman min-PC was around 400 alone! Trade-wise what I'm after is below the pictures. I'm happy to add cash where needed.

    Sega Aero Cab
    Sega Astro (possibly, least wanted unless in great nick)
    Sega Blast City
    Neo 19
    Neo 25/29/Neo Candy 25/29
    Egret II
    Anything else of CRT-based Candy-related interest.
    Possibly DK, DK Jr or DK3

    Non-arcade related:
    Decent mini gaming PC (8700k etc.)
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    That is beautiful dude.

    I don't suppose you have a price in mind to sell do you?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Soundwave View Post
    That is beautiful dude.

    I don't suppose you have a price in mind to sell do you?

    Thanks mate. Dropped you a PM.
    3DS FC (updated 2015): 0447-8108-3129


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