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    My Friend Pedro (Switch, PC)

    After a year of waiting, having seen it at E3 in 2018 (on Xbox which seems to have been cancelled/postponed due to Nintendo console exclusivity), My Friend Pedro is finally here and is right up my street. For those unfamiliar with the game I would liken it to a 2D Max Payne (complete with “bullet time” abilities) with added parkour acrobatics mixed in with some surreal humour in the shape of your banana friend Pedro who helps guide you along the way.

    Control wise you move with one stick and aim with another with the L shoulder button allowing you to lock onto an extra enemy allowing you to shoot in 2 different directions at once which is super satisfying when surrounded by enemies. The controls aren’t the easiest at first but it isn’t long before things start to click and things like wall jumping, swinging from ropes and riding skateboards are all contextual with the jump button. I’m about 90mins into the game and levels are fairly short but seem quite varied in content so far. Things start of simple with just a single pistol before moving on to dual-wielding Uzi's and meaty shotgun. There’s also things like bullet deflecting frying pans, barrels, explosive gas cans and basketballs that you can kick around and get creative in your destruction. Levels also contain a few environmental puzzles like flicking switches and moving platforms around mixed into the combat to keep things interesting.

    Brief impressions but all in all its living up to my hopes so far. I'm surprisingly enjoying the bass pumping soundtrack too – a perfect fit to the visceral combat. Looking forward to playing more.

    Edit - added a few of my favourite captures below -
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    I had a quick sash on the day it came out. Like you say the controls take a little while to get used to (I'm not great with the right analogue for aiming) but once you jump into a room taking out two bad guys at the same time it makes you want to learn and get better, honing those Chow Yun Fat style skills. Feels like a fun one for quick sessions and replays to up your rank score. Oh, and the soundtrack is amazing. Perfect booming through a set of headphones.


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