Seemingly there is no first play for this, so....

Epic FPS online team game. Ridiculous amounts of fun.

Various characters (instead of levelling) and you have to learn quite a few of them to be successful - teams are normally 6 people and if you don't have the right balance of character types for the map objective and enemy team composition, you'll go nowhere fast.

You can practice in quick play mode before jumping into the competitive league. Definitely get familiar with one character of each class before jumping in. Preferably two healers as well.

Visuals are silky smooth (on the Xbox at least) with a sold 60fps at all times.

Weapons and magic attacks are very imaginative and there's an endless amount of learning to do - as you go up the league, the type of players change with different tactics required.

You'll be laughing one minute and raging the next (at your own lack of precision).

If you like competitive fps, try this.