Niantics latest game using the same real world mechanics as pokemon go

I've given this a week of play now and, its a similar set up to pokemon go in that you wander around the real world and tap on stuff to start encounters. the story is that random items have been bewitched and you have to use various spells to un-bewitch them by tracing shapes on the screen. Accuracy and speed seem to be the things it ranks and the higher the rank of the spell the more likely it will work. It's more gamey in the way you complete encounters but its not got the collecting aspect of Pokemon. it just doesn't have that same thrill of finding a new pokemon, half the time i wasn't sure whether id encountered the item before their that bland "oh another music box/book/bludger yay" (items are then slotted into blank spaces in pictures like your filling a big panni sticker book.

It replaces the pokeball mechanic with spell energy and the only way to replenish spell energy is to visit inns and eat food. this is where it gets a bit messy as there are also green houses that give you potion ingredients, i now have half of the places i visit are green houses, so spell energy is harder to come by it maxes out at 75 too. you can also replenish spell energy via coins "Premium currency" 100 coins gives you 75 energy. Ive run out of energy a lot as everything in this game uses spell energy.

There are a number of other passive mechanics at play here too collecting potion ingredients let you brew potions, these take real world time to complete where as walking lets you open portkeys and play a mini game that lets you collect rarer items for you picture collection.

the games equivalent of Pokemon raids are its dungeons. I found the dungeons fun as you have to switch between defensive and attacking spells and you fight monsters from harry potter like big spiders which look pretty cool stood on the pavement in front of you. this is where your potions come in useful too as you can use them to refill health or power up your spells.

Overall though i don't think it has the charm or the appeal of Pokemon its missing a solid collection mechanic and I'm not a fan of the art style either. It looks like a harry potter game from the ps3 era i think they should of gone a bit more stylized rather than a realistic look as it all looks a bit naff and janky, watching a wrong looking Ron Weaselly cowering in the corner from a spider in a canned 3 second loop really dose look as bad as it sounds. I've since gone back to Pokemon Go for my morning commute as its just not engaging enough im not the only one it seems as downloads and engagement is massively down on what pokemon go was.