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Thread: [XBO] Raiden V

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    [XBO] Raiden V

    If noone starts the thread, I'll do

    First, the game has no Tate option, its cumbersome interface is always on screen; DoDonpachi SaiDaiOjou had a similar layout when in Yoko, but at least it displayed useful information, like magnified portions of the screen. Raiden V displays on the right a window with characters talking, their script, and a radar scope; on the left there are various game infos, like "cheers" other players got, your score against the best and average scores, and various gauges representing weapon levels and airplane energy.

    There are three ships, each with its own energy, movement speed, and secondary weapons; primary weapons are the same between them and divided into red, blue, and purple beams: red is spread, blue is focused laser, purple is bend laser. The energy is essentially your remaining lives: once gone it's game over.

    As you go around levels you achieve "cheer" objectives, like destroying X enemies, collecting Fairies, or reaching a weapon's maximum level. These "cheers" are shared with everyone online, and if players choose to endorse you, or you endorse other players, you build up a cheer meter.
    Once triggered, the cheer meter dramatically improves the plane's firepower for a short time, but doesn't clear the screen of bullets like a bomb. The various cheers are frankly invasive and I wonder how it will impact the game in the long run, as no players online mean you effectively lose one aspect of the game. Triggering the cheer meter can help a lot against bosses, though it's not really necessary to go through the game: it's still a feature with a rather uncertain future.

    Raiden V starts relatively easy, with difficult ramping hard pretty hard from level 3 onward. After a credit-guzzling session I quit at the pirate ship because bullets were so fast that were almost flashing on the screen, the refresh unable to keep up. Not that the game has the easiest screen to read, a lot of stage backdrops are overburdened with detail, hiding bullets. I've found enemy waves on the later levels to be a tad excessive, although it might be due to lack of experience with the game.
    What I don't like is that sometimes the game zooms in and out changing your movement rate and even weapon reach (it's especially evident with the alternate bend laser); again, it might be due to inexperience, but continuously changing movement speed really messes with your senses.

    Raiden V is kinda barebone, the introduction to the story mode is a simple screen with some text, and the two characters constantly talking on your HUD don't have voices, making them completely useless. It's essentially the complete opposite to DDPSDO, no irritating voices but absolutely no chance to get what characters are saying.
    There's a gallery (rather small), and the music is good, with rockish tracks like stage 1 and 5 (IIRC) being the highlight.

    First impressions are so-so. The shooting feels solid enough, not entirely convinced by the difficulty curve and the whole interface while playing; the lack of Tate mode is criminal, especially from a developer like Moss.

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    Cheers for the video - watched a little and it sadly confirmed some of my bigger concerns - the UI seems bonkers, as does the abundance of text, and the lack of modes is sorely disappointing. Perhaps my biggest issue with 4 though were the enemies regularly popping up in point blank range and firing super fast... and it seems that's very much still in. I'll pop it in soon and have a go for myself soon, but I've pretty low hopes for this

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    Mine has just arrived, so i'll put up some impressions later. Looking forward to it!

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    I've just installed the game and the story mode and boss mode options are greyed out on the menu screen! I can't even play it. I tried turning off the Cheer stuff but that hasn't helped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CMcK View Post
    I've just installed the game and the story mode and boss mode options are greyed out on the menu screen! I can't even play it. I tried turning off the Cheer stuff but that hasn't helped.
    Xbox live acc required?

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    Install of update not complete?

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    I'm glad to say the game worked after I turn the console off and back on. Although I did have badly corrupted graphics prior to the title screen.

    First impressions of the game are positive on the whole. I like the way it switches between viewpoints and the option to select your weapons prior to the start. Good music too. Bullet patterns are definitely more bullet hell then older Raiden games.

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    Put a few hours into this last night and its very good. Its more raiden 3 with a big sprinkling of caladrius, than a return to retro raiden. Nice cd bundled with the first print too. Its fair from perfect though.... The positives would be;

    . Nice amount of levels / branching routes (conditions need to be met)
    . Fluid fast gameplay; the difficulty really does ramp up, in later levels
    . Cool ost
    . New ships/selectable weapons make things interesting; not sure if i like the new 'cheer' bonuses (although you can turn this off)
    . Hey, its a new raiden game!


    . Functional graphics - this could have easily been done on a pre xbox one console; some nice effects / interlude sections, but ropey textures
    . The hud/interface - my gawd, what were they thinking cover screen in daft readouts, graphs, portraits etc.
    . The biggest loss to a game like this, is a lack of tate mode. A really daft decision to break 25 years of tradition in raiden games. Sakura archives collection did the same. What we get, Is the play area sandwiched between the said interface (with no option to dim/remove) in a play area which isnt even 4:3. Making this a true Widescreen shooter like caladrius, might have made things interesting, if they really wanted to do something radical, with the series
    . Wont work with 360 sticks

    All that said, i had a great session on it last night and 1ccing on normal or above, could take a while.
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    Really looks like a Deception. You can easily imagine the white bits folding out to make the feet.


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