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    Dariusburst: Chronicle Saviours (Steam/PS4/PSVita) review

    This needs a thread or else I'm leaving the forum. It's such an immense game.

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    I'm a massive Darius fan but at ?49.99 I'm out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaz View Post
    Its half that on Steam.
    With multi-display support, too.

    A good excuse to get two projectors set up side-by-side.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dataDave View Post
    Mods add a poll.
    In all your excitement you seem to have misplaced your manners!

    Twin monitor pc action sounds interesting. Would a ps3 hrap3 work on pc with this?
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    I don't know, but I'm trying my 360 stick tonight.

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    Price put me off. Will definitely give it a shot later.

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    Dived in last night and put a few hours into it. I've played burst on the psp, so knew pretty much what to expect. It more old school Darius II/Gaiden style, than anything new really (other than the Burst weapon); its hard as nails on higher levels too unfortunately with pea shooter syndrome with lack of power ups available. Adding in the G-Darius capture ball, into the home version in the package would have made a much more enjoyable experience. Graphically its abit 'Borderdown' on the dreamcast with some bland textures and quite abit of repetition in enemies. Music is awesome and I heard tracks from older darius games (and bosses) popping up with was nice. I actually found myself abit bored at times, but there is definitely abit of depth in the package to be found.

    I am a big shooter fan, so i can just about justify the price on psn at the moment; for any one else, wait until its ?19.99 or you will be on here seriously moaning ;-)

    @ Dave - thanks for that guide

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    I was all ready to jump in and buy as i love shooters and Darius has always been a fave, then........ the price ?50 and NOT A CROSS BUY, which is ridiculous. So, sadly, i am out for now.

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    I was shocked that it was ?50 for the PS4 version on PSN. I got it on Steam while there was a discount for ?24.

    Thanks for that detailed guide Data Dave. That will be really helpful.


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