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    Can I stack a dozen hard drives on top of each other without corrupting the data?

    Yes, I googled, and got this:

    The guy clearly states he wants to put them in a cupboard, and seemingly every answer is: you shouldn't be operating them like that.

    To which I say: "Morons!"

    This forum is generally much more intelligent, so same question.

    I have 10 or more standard HDD drives. A mix of IDE and SATA, from 20gb up to like a terrabyte. I want to stack them in a shoe box, maybe wrapping each of them in a tea towel to prevent any g-force shocks or bumps which might damage them.

    Would this cause a risk of static charge damaging the data?

    My main concern is that HDDs have crazy strong magnets. I've removed several from dead drives, and these ****ers are the strongest magnets I've ever seen in my life! Is there a danger of the magnetism from one drive affecting another, or corrupting the data?

    Dumb questions, i'm sure. But I don't know and have no shame in asking to find out.

    Is it safe to store all of them in a shoebox or tiny drawer, wrapped in tea towels?

    Many thanks!

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    If there was any danger of the magnets in HDDs corrupting data, they wouldn't be in there.

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    To clarify, you're not "operating them like that", you're just storing them?

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    Thanks a lot guys, just needed that confirmation.

    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    To clarify, you're not "operating them like that", you're just storing them?

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    Tea towels will not prevent any g-induced shocks, in fact wrapping HDDs is a bad idea, they need room to breath and dissipate heat. Stowing them in a shoe box is another bad idea for the same reason.

    Of course this is if you plan to have them active, otherwise an antistatic bag for each drive will do nicely.

    And it also sounds like a single 6 or 8 TB drive will fit everything you have without the need to run IDE drives...if you don't have backups I'd suggest you do that ASAP.

    And if you are looking for long-term storage, remember to activate the at least once a year for a day or two, just to check that all mechanical parts are on order.

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    No, they won't be active. Not sure if you're kidding or asking seriously. I know QC was kidding...

    Basically I have a whole bunch of old HDDs, mainly for console modification. I bought them "new" from a guy in London. They have no data on them. So I installed some in my Xboxes and PS2s, and now I've got spares.

    I just want them somewhere safe, in case I need them in a few years. Like if I buy a another PS2 phat to mod. Or a buddy asks me to mod his. Also there's one ancient drive frm my Windows 98 PC I had as a kid, which I think is dead anyway, and a couple from my brother and parents computers, which were backed up, but I hang on to just in case the backups die, or whatevs.

    I have like 3 anti-static bags, which is obvs not enough. Should I invest in buying some off ebay/Amazon?

    Why would the drives need to breath if they are not in use?

    What would prevent g-shocks? I don't like the idea of bubble wrap because any moisture from the air would be trapped inside then.

    Is there a risk of static from wrapping them in fabric?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sketcz View Post
    I know QC was kidding...

    2. Consider doing a secondary or tertiary backup if you're serious.
      Try a free disk cloning software like Acronis, then archive the backup files to disc (CD or Blu-Ray).
    3. I absolutely was not kidding. You're one head-bump away from inventing a Flux Capacitor, Sketcz.
    4. I totally thought you were going to do this with them:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sketcz View Post
    No, they won't be active. Not sure if you're kidding or asking seriously. I know QC was kidding...
    Considering all the crazy ideas you have and things you've done, I wouldn't exclude you having active HDDs in a shoebox. All my suggestions were towards active HDDs. if you plan to store them, use antistatic bags and place them in a dry environment. Depending on the type of fabric, yes, there's the risk of static.

    Bubblewrap won't trap more moisture than fabric but it safeguard them from minor bumps; if you are really worried about moisture, get some silica or other dessicants.
    When HDDs are off the head is parked away from the magnetic surface, unless you start throwing them around you won't have to worry about g-shocks. The article is quite old but I'd say it still applies to modern drives:,758-2.html

    If they are "new" and with no data and you don't plan to use them right now, don't automatically count on them being active in a few or more years. Do they work now? As said before you should at least activate them once a year to see if everything's in order, from the mechanical parts to the logic part.

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