I'm deciding what kind of motherboard to get for my new build. Right now I'm set on an Asrock X570 Creator, which features 10Gb ethernet and Thunderbolt 3 ports. I'm using a NAS with both these ports, and while I'm happy with the current 10Gb setup, going TB3 would be even better.

However after a quick search full-speed TB3 cables can't go past 2 meters, and the NAS and PC are farther away than 2 meters...moving one of the two would be the simplest solution, but I can't quite fit them near each other without rearranging a lot of other stuff (and related cables). Another quick search highlighted the possibility to use docking stations as cable extenders but TB3 cables are already expensive as they are, and TB3 docking stations don't come cheap (and are loaded with thing I wouldn't need like network ports or monitor ports).

So my question is: for random access of a lot of smallish files (images, MP3s, videos), would TB3 be much faster than a 10GbE network? The NAS is caching files on an SSD, so the transmitting and receiving ends are of no interest, just the two interfaces.
his will also help in choosing a motherboard, if I can just stay with a standard ethernet or splurge for TB3 capabilities (and rearrange the room).