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    GameCube drive swap?

    Is it possible to take a XenoGC modded drive from a cosmetically manky UK GC, and swap it straight into a minty Japanese Tales of Phantasia GC?

    Is there going to be any weird issues as itís a PAL drive going into an NTSC system, even though itís now region-free? And are there different drive revisions; is it a direct swap?


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    I put a modded PAL drive into my NTSC-US machine.

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    And I assume everything was fine... that’s great to know.

    So if I’ve got a XenoGC in there, do I need a disc in the with something like Swiss on it, or can I boot directly from memory card/SD card? Any help or guides would be useful.

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    It's booting original US discs fine Sorry I can't be more helpful with the other questions.

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    The drives are region free, it’s the motherboard on the machine that tells it to region block. I have personally used pal GameCube drives as donors to repair Japanese gamecubes.


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