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    Here's my Furrowfield. I was gonna add a perimeter fence using those giant stakes, but the enemies that attack town just bashed it down in 1 shot every 10 mins so there didn't seem much point lol. In the last screenshot, you can see the irrigation setup I thought was pretty cool. The soil is permanently watered for each crop, with the trench running along each row, and the wood panels sit on top of the water so you can run around on top of it. It also stops the NPCs trying to plow the ground in the irrigation trench and plant stuff in it

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    I ended up building vertically on my farm, just to get more space on the ground for farming. Building the first toilet made me chuckle with the huge line outside it each morning! I built them a few more since I needed the contents anyway.

    I've tried looking for a playtime counter but there doesn't seem to be one. I'm sure the first game had one but I can't find it here. I'll just have to rely on the Switches internal timer I guess.

    Back on awakening Isle I unlocked a metrick **** tonne of optional building quests. So many in fact, that I decided to ignore them and carry on with the main story. I could spend an extra 20 hours just doing that and I'm bound to unlock cooler stuff as the story progresses anyway.

    The next island's turning out to be a treat btw, it's good step up from Furrowfield.

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    for anyone thats played the demo, can you transfer and continue your save into the full game?

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    You can transfer your save but nothing you build will be transferred over with it.

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    cheers, guess i'll limit how much i play of the demo if i like it

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    All the DLC is up on EU PSN, 4 packs. 1 of them is a free one. I think they stated these would release over time, so they might of messed up.

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    I finished the second main island quest, went back to Awakening Isle, did some more story stuff and I think I'm on to the final island of the story now.


    I just want to say, if you're debating getting this on Switch or PS4, go for the PS4 version. I've built up more of Awakening Isle now and there is some crazy slowdown going on, to the point that it's skipping frames and feels like a bit of a slideshow at times. Throw in a fast mine cart and it just gets worse. It's not like I've built anything too complicated or demanding either. The performance is just unacceptable tbh.

    Digital Foundry have a video on it, some of the complex multiplayer levels drop it into the single digits.

    The text speed for whoever this person is that keeps talking to Malroth in his dreams is painstakingly slow as well. You can read it 5+ times over before it moves on and I don't know why. It's unskippable of course.

    The game itself is still tons of fun. There's just so much to do; it's a joy and the story is great as well. There's something going on with the Children of Hargon and these islands seemingly not knowing that Hargon was already defeated as per the main Dragon Quest II storyline. I'm looking forward to finding out why.

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    Just finished it and clocked in at 60 hours according to my Switch. There's actually 4 distinct chapters and not 3 like I originally thought. I do think each chapter could be a little shorter but I had a good time with it.

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    Just finished Chapter 3 and I'm gonna take a break from playing. It's a really lengthy game and I think I burned out a bit.

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    Yeah it's a lot longer than I thought it would be tbh.


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