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Thread: Mafia III

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    Mafia III

    Couldn't find a thread on this one.

    Been playing for a few days, I'm really digging it. An engaging story, Playboy magazines (don't @ me, I read the articles which incidentally there are actually some good interviews in them!), gun play is good, car driving is ok & most importantly I'm having fun cruising around and listening to some banging 60's tunes.

    Sure there are a few little issues here and there, some pop in, I've had a couple of crashes/freezes and let's be frank, it is certainly not the prettiest game around.

    Overall I'm more than happy with it, can see me doing a few runs making different decisions & seeing the results.

    Another great freebie from PS+.

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    Had this at launch and enjoyed it. The soundtrack is brill and it’s One X enhanced.


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