@Blobcat got me this as a birthday gift, and we got around to trying it for the first time today.

I'd played the demo before, so I had an idea of what to expect, and it's a pretty interesting game. That being said, what do people think of it? Especially when it exists on a console which also has Smash and ARMS?

I think the two-state approach, where you have one state that's like an arena fighter and one stage that's like a conventional fighter, and you move between them through landing certain hits, is interesting. Certainly it's one of the more curious ideas I've ever seen explored in a mainstream fighting game. I say "interesting" because I'm unsure how well it works in practice, but it's innovative.

Also a nice touch is that it only uses enough buttons for a single joycon, so you can play it two-player with a pair.

Did anyone else get it? What did you think?