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    Oninaki DEMO [NS/PS4]

    The latest Switch game to come from Square Enix and Tokyo RPG Factory. Set in a land where reincarnation is the norm, you are Kagachi, a Watcher. The Watchers are tasked with making sure that all goes well in the transition from this world to the next, they are dispatched to gather The Lost (souls) and help them on their way by overcoming whatever regrets they still have left over from their lives.

    The game is an action RPG with a fixed isometric viewpoint. Kagachi can utilise the weapon and skills of Daemons (special Lost who can't cross over) to defeat enemies, etc. Kagachi can cross backwards and forwards between the real world and The Beyond, but should only do so once having defeated a particular tough enemy in that area, otherwise he cannot see properly and will die from a single hit.

    The demo gives you a decent taste of the story mode, and unlocks battle mode once that has been completed. In story mode you have 2 Daemons, with one skill each. Fighting is a bit repetitive due to such limited variety in the moves available. More skills are unlocked as you play the full game. The battle mode gives you 4 Daemons with 4 skills each so you can taste what real combat is like. And sadly it is still repetitive. I think that adding a chain combo/score multiplyer bonus/just any kind of damn scoring system at all would give the player something to focus on and fix the repetivity that the game otherwise suffers from.

    August 22nd release for the full game btw.

    edit: also on PS4, version played above is the Switch one though.
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    I was interested in this, but considering the number of titles coming out in the period I'll sit this one out. It's eShop only, right?

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    Yeah looks like digital only outside Japan. Also on PS4 it seems.


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