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    Super Mario Maker 2 - Nintendo Switch

    Woah. This is the first time that I've played a Mario Maker game and I have to say, it's blown me away a bit. The game has you thinking about level design when you're away from the game.

    Me and my son have been getting caught up in the whole creation of courses and uploading them, then checking to see if people play them.

    The presentation is splendid. Creating levels is a little tricky at times, especially in TV mode as you have to move a big Wii style hand whereas in handheld, you simply tap and draw with your finger.

    There is a story mode with over 100 stages apparently, but I've been too busy creating.

    Highly recommend this to Mario fans.

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    I'm enjoying this when I can, although I can't access some features I've seen in other people's levels, like the super ball from Super Mario Land. But I'm not in a hurry to look up how and would rather just find out for myself.

    Endless mode lets you save and resume at any point, so do t worry about losing your progress (I hit 82 levels the other day). Story mode feels quite short....I'm at 70%-ish completion of the castle but suspect there is something more afterwards as I still have a crapton of levels to play through.

    Two sore thumbs up from me too.

    Let's get posting some levels!

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    Mario Worldy with some ghosts thrown in but don't like them distract you.

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    I'm really enjoying it! When it was first announced, I wondered whether it would add much over the Wii-U game, but they've actually added loads and there are so many new possibilities. I'm loving just playing around in the editor seeing what's possible and there are some incredibly creative stages out there (although as before, some pretty bad ones with an awful lot of likes!).

    A couple of mine...

    A short puzzle stage (pretty easy to work out)


    Another short one, that might be quite tricky at first, but isn't too bad once you work it out.


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    Finally unlocked the Super Ball Flower! Now to create the universe in the image of Mario's all going according to keikaku...

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    Isn't that unlocked relatively early in Story Mode?

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    It depends on the jobs you do. I had issues with one of them in the late 30s so came back to it much later.

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    I'm up to 70ish and haven't found many stages particularly hard. Some are tricky, mostly due to muscle memory imparting commands based on the original games' inertia...and for some reason having the buttstomp mapped to down on the d-pad led me many unforeseen deaths.

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    Chopping and changing does get a little annoying. There was one where sliding down walls as the screen auto-scrolled down was the main thing. I let Luigi do that one for me. Also that one with the stone and the 4 doors, the 4th door (with the grinders and the crane hook) was not possible by my reasoning - I added blocks to that to get it done.

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    Whatís the story mode like guys? Is there one? Has it got coop? Canít really find much info on it.


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