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    Super Famicom Collection (picture heavy)

    Hi all,

    So decided that as no one wants a bundle then I'll keep some & just sell a few individually

    Aladdin (Sticker on front of box, manual has some damage, writing on the Cart & pretty dirty cart too) - 25.00
    Mickey Mania (Tear in back of box) - 25.00
    Batman Returns (Manual missing cover) - 25.00

    Pics of everything below

    Everything is plus postage as it's going to be extra to make sure they are safely packed

    Trade wise I'd consider -

    Any Jpn Switch shoot Em Ups
    Ketsui PS4
    Battle Garegga PS4
    Game Tengoku PS4
    Darius Burst PS4
    Capcom Collection Switch
    Ninja Warriors Switch

    Thanks Neil

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    Price drop to 120 as I really want these gone.

    Would be more interested in trading for a Pandoras Box set up or the current batch of Switch shoot em ups but cash would be nice too



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    updated first post & removed stuff I've decided to keep & added individual sale prices for the ones I want to part with




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