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    I'm confused about Xbox One X and PS4 Pro

    I understand that these consoles play games as an "enhanced" version. However how is this achieved? Is the extra content on the actual discs? Or if downloaded as patches, what happens if they are not connected to the internet do they just play the games the same as a standard version of the console would? I'm just trying to understand what happens in 20 years when I'm busting them out for some retro goodness.

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    It varies from game to game. I don’t think any game actually has more content on the X or Pro - extra levels, characters, etc. That’s not a thing. Both consoles will use raw horsepower to deliver varying degrees of improved resolution and frame rate in every game, and then a lot of more recent games (last 2/3 years) have other additional optimisations for improving those further. Sometimes the additional optimisations will be on the disc, sometimes a patch.

    Usually 4K textures (for the games that have them available) are delivered via a patch. So you probably won’t be able to use those in 20 years.

    Realistically though, most Xbox One and PS4 disc games won’t be very useful in 20 years. I still buy them myself, but huge day one patches mean that the version actually on the plastic is a pretty buggy, early version that’s often times missing major features, whether on a Pro/X or standard machine. So I wouldn’t sweat it too much, there’s not much we can do about it anyway.
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    A few titles give you 60fps options on the better hardware. Shadow of the Colossus, Nioh and Forza Horizon 3 for example.

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    Hi thanks for that explanation, and yes that makes a lot of sense. I should play more and worry less. If history has taught me anything thing its that HDMI won't exist anyway and there will be PS4 Classics and XBOX Minis hacked and fully loaded to play with.

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    Yeah, exactly. When we play these games in years to come, honestly I doubt it will be by the discs we're putting on shelves right now.

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    You'll be able to custom firmware them up and have every game ever released, possibly community patched, all on an 80TB USB stick.

    I wouldn't worry about the software. I would worry about the lifespan of the hardware, however.

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    The PS4 and XBO (Pro and X as well) will be novelty paper weights come 2021. With the next gen machines looking to be backwards compatible in full this current gens hardware will the first that will be 100% redundant to own.

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    Good points from both gentlemen above. So what we're saying is, buy it, enjoy it, don't worry about the future of either the hardware or the software because it's not going to matter!

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    Indeed. You can still play GCN PSO if you can be arsed enough. If the love/community is there it's a non-issue.

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