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    You'll get more chances to fight him, and in all encounters he's quite strong, but at least three characters will be able to hurt him;

    in my case they were Edelgarde, Hubert, and Bernadetta, in addition to myself. The item carried is a Dark Seal, used to promote characters to the Dark Mage class.

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    I've been playing a little of this and I'm pretty mixed on it. Visually it really is extremely weak. The monastery looks like PS2 geo with a couple of higher res textures on it, and the frame rate is frankly a joke. For something so basic to run so poorly really isn't acceptable and I'm genuinely surprised Nintendo would let it pass through cert. In the battles themselves the frame rate is a little more stable but visually again, it's just really, really poor. Drab, uninspired environments completely devoid of any artistic flair or art direction. It fluctuates between 1080p and 900p often and the already jagged, non antialiased visuals look even worse at a lower resolution.

    The game I think is pretty poor for a Fire Emblem title. The school thing I just don't get, other than I guess a desire to make a Harry Potter knock off. The repetitive structure of having to teach lessons then randomly wander the same ugly monastery environment to pick up side quests grows boring quite quickly. The saving grace are the battles themselves, but I've found the difficulty all over the place there. I'm playing on classic mode and literally on the fourth of fifth battle of the game I was being single hit killed by some bog standard enemies, meaning my party is now a couple of guys down. I'm a little further into it now and it's much easier. It just feels unpolished.

    I really liked the 3DS FE games, but this one so far is a bit of a dud for me.


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