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    Vasara Collection (PS4, X1, Steam, Switch & Vita).

    This isnít a game series Iím familiar with but it was only £8 odds on the UK Xbox store so I thought I would try it. The initial fuzziness caused by the graphics filter was off putting but can be disabled in the in game menu.
    The games seem like good fun with a good pace to the gameplay. Iím not sure what the scoring system is yet maybe Iím expecting something a bit deeper that isnít there.
    The visuals are of the era with that low colour rendered look and lively music.
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    The Switch version was 50% prior to release so I went with it too. Not played a lot but it's okay.

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    How the new 3D Vasara game on the Switch? 1080p? I went for the PS4 version fearing another Switch polygon debacle, but I'm rather regretting it due to the awful PS4 d-pad. I've never been able to use the Playstation d-pad for more than 10 minutes withoiut thumb pain.

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