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    Iím looking for recommendations for an Airbrush and compressor if anyone has experience with such things? Want to use it for Gunpla and Warhammer models. So far Iíve been advised that Iwata ones are good? I donít want cheap crap, I want a decent one that I can learn and advance with.


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    If you're a complete beginner get a cheap single-action airbrush, then you can move to something more expensive like a double-action Badger all-metal airbrush. Getting used to an airbrush takes quite some time, and a cheap model will allow you to experiment with various types of paints and thinners, and more importantly how to maintain one. After acquiring some experience you can move to more expensive models. You'll need a bit of readjustment, but not a lot.

    As for the compressor, I don't know which models you can find in the UK, but be sure to get something with at least 5 litre capacity. A good compressor will last a lifetime and will be able to service all kinds of airbrushes, expensive or not. Compressors with no airtank will be able to keep the pressure up for less than a minute before needing the same amount of time to recharge (*), and they are invariably noisy and maintenance-heavy (gaskets, pressure gauge, at times even nozzles)...they are cheap though, but after a month you'll grow tired of them and go for something more capable.

    I've painted Gunplas with airbrushes before, but never Warhammer miniatures, and I don't think an airbrush is the best fit for those.

    (*) technically all compressors have an airtank, but in some models is only a few deciltres, if any.


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