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    The Cable Tidy Thread

    After getting my new PC 3 months ago, I got everything sorted; The PC itself, monitor, keyboard, desk and chair and it all looks spiffing except for one thing, the cables.

    It looks a mess behind my PC and considering my set up is in my front room, that's not a good look!

    So I was looking for some help. I've never made an actual effort to tidy cables aside from a few velcro ties back when I had more consoles than sense. Does anyone here have any tips for how to tidy cables from behind a computer desk, recomeneded websites or handy guides for keeping their PC looking tip top?

    Also, any sexy pics (Of their set up, not dick pics) would be excellent to see!

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    I was looking for a solution for the camera strap and tried Velcro (proper Velcro) strips but they plucked the strap so I now use Tangser Colorful All-Purpose Silicone Ties, you can get in different lengths but may not be ideal for your cables.

    However you could also try heat shrink tubing, scroll to the three minute mark;

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    I think the secret is to drill a large hole directly behind the monitor stand and run the cables via the back of this stand into this hole.

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