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    Capcom Home Arcade.

    So, ummmm, thoughts on this?

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    My thoughts are I'll probably cancel my pre-order for this. I really like the concept (though I feel it could include more titles) and I love the thought of co-op arcade gaming in my living room ... but the truth is it'd be a bit of a dust gatherer, and would do little more than what I already have (a Retro Pie and a couple of TE2 arcade sticks).
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    Ugly as sin, grossly overpriced, weak game selection. Would rather just emulate on pc for arcade stuff

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    Presumably, unless manufacturing numbers are known, there's a severe risk here as well that this will see steep discounting as the next few months go on too

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    What shocked me most is the 199.99 price tag for a stick with sixteen games!

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    Quote Originally Posted by importaku View Post
    grossly overpriced
    I think the Sanwa components justify the price (a couple of fully Sanwa arcade sticks would cost more than 200) ... but yeah, it's a shame the housing doesn't scream 'premium' too. I'd have much preferred a period correct panel to scratch that nostalgia itch.

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    Looking forward to mine, it's looks fab and I love the style.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    What shocked me most is the 199.99 price tag for a stick with sixteen games!
    2 sticks and quite good ones I believe? Could be wrong. But seriously, where am I gonna put that!!?

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    @Colin Worth pointing out that there is already a thread on this in the General gaming section of the forum (yours truly posted the DF vid in there!). Maybe merge this with the OG?

    As far as I’m concerned, this thing is way too ugly and way too expensive for what it is offering and I say that as a big fan of CPS-era Capcom (the teenaged me would’ve drooled at the thought of this back in the late 90s/early millennia!).

    It’s basically trying to use the fact that Capcom have regained the rights for Alien vs. Predator as justification for it. As much as I think AvP is a classic I don’t love it that much to shell out 200 for this monstrosity and the mostly played-to-death titles on it.

    Surely Capcom would be better off making a second volume of Beat-em-up Bundle/Belt Action Collection that has AvP (along with the two D&D games, Cadillacs & Dinosaurs and The Punisher - assuming they can reclaim the rights to those?) on it? Failing that, surely Capcom will do the common sense thing and release AvP on XBLA/PSN/Switch eShop? Both options would be better than this contraption that will surely fail at launch and end up going for reduced prices?

    That said, if this thing can be legit hacked to add more CPS-1, CPS-Dash and CPS-2 titles to it (I’m assuming that CPS-3 emulation is a no on this thing for the sake of pragmatism) then maybe the conversation changes.

    TL; DR: It’s a waste of money IMO. Too ugly and should be more of a homage to one of the great arcade systems of the era ie. way more CPS titles on it instead of the titles that EVERYBODY has played to death at this point.
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    It’s expensive but TBH, buying two Sanwa parts arcade sticks would cost you more. However if you’re mainly going to be playing this 1 player then half the stick is just a waste.

    16 games is a bit thin on the ground, but that’s deliberate as they plan to try and sell more from what I understand. 3rd Strike out of the box with potential internet play would have helped it fly. The internet functionally needs to have online play.

    The Capcom logo idea isn’t great. It looks neat enough but an uneven outline where I’m potentially resting my hands to play...not great IMO.

    The talked about emulation issues are a MASSIVE killer. You can’t be playing something like gigawing and have the emu glitch out and skip frames...that has to be sorted.

    Having seen that info about the emus I would 100% hold off buying until I’ve seen a review from some tech experts like DF.


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