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Thread: Control

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    Just finished the main story tonight. Nicely deals with leftover side missions from an explanatory perspective.

    Not too bothered about going back to grind the final few skill upgrades or mop up missed side missions.

    So far, and I may be forgetting something amazing from earlier in the year, this is my GOTY 2019. Link & Luigi may have something to say about that in the next few weeks however.

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    What are the controls like?


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    Wow, where did this gem come from? One of those games that wasn't on my radar until I read the fp thread I feel like I'm getting to the final stages of Fire Emblem and it's pretty much all I've played for the past month ... so I picked this up to mix things up a bit and I love it, even just a little way in.

    Settings in a game really make a connection with me and this has a great setting. And for a generally impatient gamer I enjoy reading every last morsel of lore building material I find. The shooting is simple but satisfying, perfectly fun. I really want to take my time going through this. Enjoy every moment.

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    Oh, and it keeps getting better. This game is class.

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    Seems photo mode is being patched in next week, can’t wait to have a tinker with that as the game has a great style.
    Expeditions mode is set to launch December, we shall see what happens, either way it will be cool to go back in to prepare for DLC 1 in the new year.

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    Jeez ... numerous attempts later ...

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    I beat it ... then had to fight the same thing again but on a tighter area

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    Finished this last night and I enjoyed every minute. I like a game with a singular vision. Control most definitely wasn't produced via a committee. The cold, menacing vibe reminded me of Inside more than anything ... but with influences from all kinds of sources: David Lynch, Silent Hill, even Akira ...

    I agree that the gameplay got increasingly more enjoyable as the combat abilities unlocked and developed. Fighting the Hiss was always really good fun. Also, the gun options along with weapon and personal mods builds a personal load-out that lets you play in your own style. It's genuinely flexible.

    My only slight disappointment was I was longing to

    see the outside world

    but it never happened.

    Great game all in all though ... and I loved all the Easter eggs relating to Remedy's other games

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    I may replay from start as they have just launched a Photo Mode today, reckon there are some cools shots to be had going through the story again and knowing the beats. Just a shame there’s isn’t a new game+ or multi save slots so I can retain all my collectibles.
    Glad to hear you enjoyed it Atticus, it’s a game I can’t wait to revisit when the new story DLC’s launch.


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