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    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3)

    Okay, where to start?

    We'll start with the fact that this game is sooooo good that I've had to invent a new word to describe it:


    Now, the first Uncharted is most certainly my favourite game on PlayStation 3 and even of this entire generation of consoles so to say that the sequel surpasses it in every facet is nothing short of amazing.

    Naughty Dog have been quoted as saying that they are pushing PS3 to it's absolute limits and judging by this superb product, if they aren't, they're damn close to it!!

    It's impossible to talk too much about the game without spoiling some of the surprises that are instore to anyone buying it.

    The game is a joy to play thanks to a combination of the following:

    The gorgeous graphics (including some of the best character animation I have ever seen and some truly stunning vistas).

    Try rotating the camera when you reach the top of the hotel in the "Desperate Times" chapter to see what I mean

    The audio is amazing and is giving my surround set-up and subwoofer a real workout with multi-directional explosions and a real sense of placement of things like enemies and your allies.

    The dialogue is fantastic and truly feels natural at all times (and is damn funny at times too).

    The controls are nigh on faultless with Drake reacting to every flick of the analogue stick and button press. One of the small problems with the first game was that sometimes when trying to get into cover the game wouldn't always oblige but I can gladly say that this has been fixed for the sequel.

    The opening level alone is worth the price of the game and the feeling of an old school Saturday adventure matinee grows from there with the introduction of various characters

    old and new

    and the story

    told through flashbacks set before the first level

    running along at a crackin' pace with plenty of twists and turns.

    I have yet to try any online yet but if it is anything like the beta then I can see me ploughing many an hour into it - I've even bought an official headset just for this game.

    Completing certain actions in the single player and discovering treasures (as in the first game) let's you earn money which you can use to buy weapons and boosters in multi-player. A very clever idea.

    So yeah, astonishing. Truly an amazing game that every gamer should play. If you own a PS3 then you have to buy this game. If you don't own a PS3, buy one to play this game (buy the first game too while your at it).

    Seriously, this is my GOTY!!
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    Last edited by teddymeow; 13-10-2009 at 04:14 PM. Reason: Making sense

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    I was hoping you'd forget the photo so I could trash the thread. This is now ANOTHER place I've got to avoid stuff about the game! *sniff*

    Hopefully it'll arrive tomorrow. **** Ninja Gaiden Sigma, it can wait

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    Ive a strong hatred for you now teddymeow, i just wanted you to know that

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    But what if it had been rubbish?

    You'd have wasted ?40 for nothing! At least now you know it's money well spent

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    Nice one teddymeow!

    Getting excited and I do not think any of us wil be disappointed.

    Shopto just emailed me to say mine has dispatched, and the wife is away for the weekend - so that is me sorted...

    Well, I just need to get the curry, beer and dancing girsl in!

    Hopefully get some online sessions with you guys too.

    And I had just bought Farcry 2 for ?10 from HMV as a 'tide me over' incase shipping was late - not a chance of that getting played now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teddymeow View Post
    But what if it had been rubbish?

    You'd have wasted ?40 for nothing! At least now you know it's money well spent
    Well the hatred is dissapating now, it's just a mild jealously at preasent, soon to be a stupid excitement on friday

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    Quote Originally Posted by fishbowlhead View Post
    Well the hatred is dissapating now, it's just a mild jealously at preasent, soon to be a stupid excitement on friday
    Everytime I sit here with a massive grin on my face thinking "this can't possibly get any better", Naughty Dog give me the two finger salute and dial it up another notch. BAM!!

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    I'm interested to see if all the positivity holds up even after the majority have started to finish it, or if any flaws or complaints start to emerge. It wouldn't be the first time.

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