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    Borderlands 3 (PC)

    So figured i would put up this,

    Played a bit but only up to level 18 with Zane at the moment.

    With 2 the starting off area and time before you got into the main game was quite long, for the first play through i thought it was fine as everything was gradually introduced and the characters made their appearance, It only got annoying on subsequent playthroughs which with a update on higher difficulties you could skip the first section. With 3 however you get pretty much stuck in to the game and story after a brief bit with Claptrap you are pretty much all in guns blazing and a boss pretty quickly and you get your skill after the first level up (used to be level 5 before you got a skill)

    Zanes skill is the a flying drone which is what i picked but you can have two skills with the other being a holo decoy (though Zane is the only character that can have two skills active at the same time at the cost of using grenades) and while i still have to play a lot more i am finding the Drone not great early on but after upgrading a bit is more useful. I think my issue with the skill tree is in 3 you have two upgrade slots so when you get a certain amount of points you can put the two upgrades like one to give the drone ability to fire missiles or to weaken enemies but in 2 as part of the skill tree you can literally give your skill all abilities.

    Graphics are better with better textures and effects along with better enemy animation....but at the cost of performance using a 8086k and 1070 at medium details it stutters a lot along with tons of texture pop in and sometimes long loading (though granted i think that could be my hardrive having issues)

    Enemies are a lot more intelligent now with them often dodging though i have seen it a few times where enemies should have got damaged but they did not so i dunno if that is a animation glitch or if they are supposed to have invulnerability frames

    Gunplay is far better then 2, weapons feel more unique with many having some really cool effects like a gun when you reload you throw it and then it bounces around firing and causing mini ground pounds as a replacement gun forms in your hand, quite a few also have alternative fire which can change either between different elemental damage or turn a assault rifle into a grenade launcher (though one irk i have with that which i think was done by design with some guns was for example if you used alternative fire grenade launcher after you used the magazine it would go back to assault rifle rather then just reload the grenade launcher)

    Still early days but i think the story is ok but insanely predictable like i can imagine through out the story it will be the case of

    Mission to get something or go somewhere and when you get the thing you need is either destroyed or stolen and then have to go somewhere else

    which to be honest has happened a few times already also i think after seeing so much of pandora in 1 and 2

    the whole travelling to other planets feels a bit lackluster

    also feels that a lot of the side characters are really sidelined in the story so far but i hope they get more time later in the game.
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    Thought i give an update, reaching near the end of the first playthrough

    Many of the older characters feel sidelined which is a shame with only a select few getting the most time..there is a new character who i find immensely annoying, the new bad guys I think are fine of course not handsome jack level but good enough.

    I am finding the game a lot harder then 1 or 2 and seem to be running out of ammo quite a bit, though that could be just the weapons i have are not optimum.

    Lots of new enemies and vehicles which is pretty cool and some of the weapons are great and do feel more unique.

    There is a new 3d map, i know in 2 having a flat map was a issue with some objectives being at different height here with a 3d map its a bit mixed when you go to the main map and rotate its a big help but having a mini map in 3d can be confusing.

    Character can now jump and climb up ledges Ala Doom 2016 however often i find it very fickle with sometimes it not working.

    Lots of hidden things to find which Grant XP which i did like though does feel like u gain levels and XP a lot quicker in the game as am at level 34 so far.

    I have enjoyed the game but really really wish the pacing, characters and story felt more fleshed out, I suspect with the DLC and the inevitable Level cap increase it will bulk out the game but i hope they integrate some expansions as a extension to the story

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    Completed the game and in a nutshell, better gameplay worse story

    And spoilers

    Ava is a irritating character and tbh not needed they could have got so many existing characters to do the same job, and speaking of which many of the characters from previous games get very little screen time or story ,the story on the whole is very predictable and the final boss is really terrible, the Great vault was hyped up, but to come across a boss which is very small in comparison to previous end game bosses is disappointing. End game content seems a bit lacking i believe there is no actual raid boss and that is coming later on and i got to the level 50 cap very quickly and i reckon there will be another DLC with a increase cap,

    On the whole a bit mixed I do wonder what they will do with DLC i hope for a free level cap increase (which i reckon they will sell as they know from previous feedback in 1 and 2 level cap needed to be higher) I reckon they have the DLC all planned and perhaps even made by now as in Borderland 2 the final DLC was actually done months in advance and yet bizarrely it never got reported.

    While you get 3 skills for each character in another way does feel a bit limiting in that with Skills you selected you can equip a couple of abilities like with Zanes drone draining enemy shields or firing rockets......but in 2 it would have allowed you to have all the skills equipped.

    Opening up the galaxy seemed a good idea but some places feel like a flying visit.

    But yeah i would probably suggest wait for now anyway and see what comes


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