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    I did say I'd be at odds I now have Gears 5 pre-installed and so in the next two nights I'm keen to plug on with this before that launches. I think what I'm best doing is two things:

    01 - Just moving past the fact I find the setting to be repetitive and bland.
    02 - Appreciate that it's simply a run and gun for the most part and thankfully doesn't have the bloated excesses of Remedy's last game

    There's some moves I know are later in the game I'm eager to get to, I think they'll refocus the experience from a gameplay stand point for me.

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    Just finished it today, I enjoyed every minute of it. In particular I enjoyed the environments, the Modernist and Brutalist Architecture of this building that you could imagine existing.

    I think the strangest thing for me is that the actual combat gameplay makes up such a tiny part of the experience. It is damn satisfying launching things into enemies

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nico87 View Post
    Out of curiosity, what are you playing it on? I was really looking forward to this one but I've heard so much bad stuff about the PS4 Pro version.
    I'm playing on a Pro and bar the odd stutter haven't noticed any major performance issues.

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    Combat i loved and the matrix style destruction was pretty cool and the story and lore seems to be heavily influenced by the SCP stories.

    How ever first 20 or so min with the dialogue and seemingly random things happening I am not a fan of that Kind of story telling (feels weird for the sake of being weird)

    Some weird facial animation to lol , some people have said some side quests seem far better then the main quest but not really played a huge amount of the game so far

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    Because I forgot to add a poll we can play the game of thinking up score names for what could have been:

    1/10 - Control/Alt/Delete
    3/10 - Lost Bladder Control
    10/10 - Control Me My Mistress of Pain!!

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    8/10 I lost control and i think i like it

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    The game is so much fun, the combat so well done and so satisfying. I can't help but get a weird Videodrome and David Cronenberg vib to this game. My BIG issue with the game, is dreadful map system and how its somtimes confusing where you have to go and what you have to do next.


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    Quote Originally Posted by EvilBoris View Post
    Just finished it today, I enjoyed every minute of it. In particular I enjoyed the environments, the Modernist and Brutalist Architecture of this building that you could imagine existing.

    Remedy's Control is built on concrete foundations

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    Finished it last night, will revisit to try and collect lore I’ve missed but I cleared all the side missions as I went through the story.

    I have probably clocked over 20+ hours on it just running around and taking it all in alongside killing LOADS of hiss, watching every projector/fmv, reading every document, listening to every radio show and audio recordings.

    10/10 Quality Control

    Edit - There’s also one specific sequence in this game, which for me has now overtaken Max Payne 3’a airport scene as one of the most kick arse I’ve played in a game.
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    Finished it and as expected I enjoyed it more as abilities unlocked. The two main takes I took from it as the latter end of the game unfolded were that it plays better with more abilities but I won't lie, it always felt like a last gen third party action game. There's nothing deep about the simple mechanics of the game and whilst I'd agree it plays the best of Remedy's games I attribute that more to it being a 2019 game rather than a 2009 one. For it's time I still feel like Alan Wake was a much more likeable title. Environments wise I liked it more as it went along, Remedy have really worked hard to find regular new ways to display repetitive settings, that being said I still think the game looks just okay. I played it on PC so it was a comfortable step up above what even the XBX has knocked out for the game but really the game is just throwing around some nice surface reflections and debris over very simple environments, it's a solidly long list of better looking games out there unless you really love shiny surfaces.

    I enjoyed how this links in with other Remedy titles, whilst it clicks together better than Quantum Break did I feel like I'd happily see more Remedy games continue within this universe they're building but I don't need Control 2 thanks to the style they went after, it works better as a one and done. Game of the Year? No. I don't think it's even my Game of the Month and by the same measure it's not even the best game I've played this month that involves a protagonist with an other worldly ability giving being fighting red hued possessed enemies from an abstract blocked alternative dimension. It's solid though as a fairly mindless run and gun - 8/10


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