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    PAL Megadrive PSU on Japanese Megadrive

    Pretty sure I remember using a UK MD PSU on my old Japanese MD back in the day, having just picked up a new JP Megadrive, just wanted to check this is correct before I stick a UK PSU in and blow a fuse!
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    I'm using an EU power brick on my Japanese MegaDrive, though I made sure both are model 1s.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Escape-To-88 View Post
    blow @fuse!

    I had a JP MD and never needed a step-down converter or anything fancy.

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    I use UK Mega Drive MK1[10V 1.2A] power supplies with my Japanese Mega Drive, Super Famicom, and PC Engine. People have always recommended using them.

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    Just a bump to say if you're planning on adding a Mega CD and/or 32X into the mix, I highly recommend this specific 3-in-1 power supply I picked up this year after hearing about it by chance (I imagine somebody else might do one, but this is the one I got):

    Why Sega didn't offer something like this back in the day is beyond me. It was bad enough having to use three plug sockets, but then the massive plugs inevitably blocked off other ones on a multi-splitter. Bit pricey, but the quality is excellent and I can play Sewer Shark without unplugging the lamp.


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