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    PSVR Firewall & aim pack (new)

    Couple of bits for sale -

    So I accidentally ordered two of Japanes MD minis from Amazon Japan, that for whatever reason they wouldn't let me cancel. Importaku has already taken one, but the reality is that I'm not going to use this over my RPi which is housed in a Retroflag MD case. The package is for the OG style boxed mini with one pad, and the tower of power package, brand new and never taken out of the boxes. Amazon pre charge for all the customs fees on these, so although the price seems steep, this is what it'll have cost me by the time I add shipping to post it on. Listing it here before it goes on eBay sunday. 145 SOLD to Mig

    Hori RAP4 stick, fully boxed and has probably seen an hours use. I've swapped out the standard stick for an (IMO) superior Sanwa one, but comes with the original parts as well if you want to put it back in. 75 shipped. - SOLD to thegreathopper

    PSVR Firewall Zero Hour pack with aim controller. Brand new and unused, game still sealed. 65 shipped. Now 60.
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    Stick sold, 5 off the aim pack. (Now 60)

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    Japanese MD mini bundle added.


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