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    Quote Originally Posted by hudson View Post
    21000 kills? Jeez. I've been playing it most nights. All the time Hardcore. It never gets stale. Absolutely loving it.

    Hey @jim_g do you know why some main maps are missing from Hardcore? The Palace and the Bridge.
    No idea, but this has nearly always been the case in other CODs, I think, from my grey memory...

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    Quote Originally Posted by jim g View Post
    I just like to moan, I am 61 after all!
    Nice one Jim, I'm 'only' 55 but with you all the way there, it's part of being old and is the law.

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    Have people got the crossbow yet? I'm still grinding it out.

    Must say I'm liking the Kill Chain perk. Getting to a Precision Air Strike can catapult you straight into a VTOL with a bit of luck, which, since it's so OP, will put you straight in a Gunship!
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    I hate being on the end of crossbow spam lol. Gotta love getting a VTOL on Domination.

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    Season Two drops today. Can I get a "Oorah!"? lol

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    I'm still stupidly addicted to this.

    We're now at the end of season 3 and on the verge of season 4. They've really done a great job of keeping it fresh, with weekly playlist updates, new maps every few weeks, and new modes being dropped in and taken away again to keep you on your toes.

    I barely play games online, and this is probably the first time I've really participated in something approaching a live service game. The only other game I've played a significant amount of online in recent years is Mario Kart 8 on WiiU, and by God, I wish Nintendo would create something like this for MK9.

    The possibilities for different playlists, tournaments, limited time tweaked versions of modes, dripfed classic maps and characters/vehicles are endless. Not to mention the challenges they could build in, on a season-by-season basis, to let you unlock extra loot (Dodge 5 Blue Shells, win a race by less than 1 second 3 times, etc).

    It really could be a whole lot of fun. I wish they would do that. Mario Kart 8 online worked fine, but it was about as basic as it could possibly get.


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