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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019

    I'd held off on this given the gamer isn't out yet but following the brief public alpha the other week we are now seeing the launch of the expansive beta for the game that lasts upwards of two weeks. PS4 preordered players can pre-load the beta now and access it from tomorrow, the beta goes open on the 14th and then rolls out to other platforms in the following days. The previous alpha was interesting mostly in terms of seeing the changes that have been made and stacking the experience against that of Modern Warfare Remastered.

    The game has a very drab appearance but that's fine as it's in fitting with the aesthetic they're going for an frankly a relief after the awful futuristic stylings of past entries. The mode wasn't great either, each player getting a random weapon (matching though) and placed in a small arena 2v2, matches were short and simple run and gun affairs for the most part so it wasn't the best mode. The hope is the new beta will be a better display as Activision have promised to keep rolling in new modes and maps throughout. The biggest noticeable change is the feel and sound of the gameplay, weapons are effective and sound much better than in previous games. There's a weight to them and the gameplay is still fast paced but not the daft excesses of past entries. The arena maps didn't display any of the map design approach the game will use though which will also make or break the experience.

    For the full game's release even the campaign returns which could be interesting given IW's entries always remained at the better end of the scale when it came to them. This actually has the early potential to correct the direction of the series.

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    It is a completely different game to BO4 and more like MW1 in many respects. It is less "arcady" than other CODS and I had to adjust play style before I began to enjoy it more. Graphics are good, sound is good and overall feel is it will be a good COD. Still learning maps, but they seem OK so far except the cave map.

    Running and gunning seem less prevalent due to high number of camping spots (not a criticism), the game is different. The TTK is way better than B04. Looking forward to playing the full game in Hardcore.

    Usual EU lag is an issue. Some games i am 0.33 KD others 3.00. When I check the stats, my whole team is getting the same good or bad KD depending on the connection. In BO4 players in EU always had advantage over UK. Germans were nearly all high KD due to connections or something. It is a fact of life with online game and has been for some time.

    As I am a sucker for all COD games, I will play it relentlessly when it is out. I am Master Prestige Level 620 in BO4 and have maxed out all other CODS except Infinite Warfare which I hated.

    Still I am 61 years young and loving my games

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    Pretty much everyone on the internet has been glowing positive about this I wonder how it'll do.

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    I need to play some more, that's for sure. There's a lot of mantling I've noticed which you need to make use of to out move opponents and the pacing needs adjusting for but I quickly found myself settling. I need to try more maps in TDM, the one that keeps coming up is okay but spawning is absolutely awful atm and the map feels too small.

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    Well, some more play and... I like it. I went through a lull but I've found my feet again. I wouldn't say it's MW in the traditional sense, maps are fun but not original MW level good, they're better than the last few games though and gunplay remains good. Crossplay seems to work well too, the game makes it clear when XBO and PC players are involved and there's no discernible advantage to any (it prioritises PSN players in matchups though).

    Ground War - well, that's plain damned cheeky and I imagine will be a popular mode. CoD finally just tackles Battlefield head on. It's a carbon copy but with a smaller map making it largely infantry led. Snipers are a big issue but the power of other weapons and abundance of cover make them manageable. It's literally a copy but a better copy of BF than BF has ever accomplished of CoD

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    Got to play about 200 matches in the beta. Day 1 purchase easy.

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    Anyone been able to give the full game a try yet? My copy unlocked at 2am which is an odd time and useless to getting a quick try in

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    HOLY FU8K !!!! This game is something else
    Last edited by Team Andromeda; 25-10-2019 at 10:34 AM.

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    Said I'd wait until my birthday in 2 weeks from now to get this, so my kids can hand it to me... but.... arrrrgh, muuuust resiiiiist.

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    Is the battlefield mode p2p or actual servers? main reason I don't play cod anymore was the p2p being awful, but I like battlefield style chaos which turned my head.


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