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Thread: Dark Army

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    Dark Army

    Universal is to make a new stand alone monster movie called Dark Army which utilises several of their Monster Universe creatures alongside new creations from the films director Paul Feig, his prior experience coming from Ghostbusters: Answer the Call

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    Paul Feig, I'll pass. I haven't enjoyed any movie he's been involved in.

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    So this is gunna be a slapstick monster movie with fart gags then. Great.

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    Paul Feig, I'm in. Bridesmaids, A Simple Favo(u)r, Ghostbusters, Spy.

    All great.

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    I actually quite liked Spy. Will watch out for this. Has anyone ever done a "Kaiju comedy" before?

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    It might end up being a lame version of Monster Squad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teddymeow View Post
    Paul Feig, I'm in. Bridesmaids, A Simple Favo(u)r, Ghostbusters, Spy.

    All great.
    I came in just to make a Dad’s Army joke but, yeah, this.

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    I'm mostly curious about the tone this will go under. If it's a low budget comedy interpretation it would make sense to me, personally I don't find Feige's films funny and the humour in GB was excruciating at times but it's very subjective when it comes to comedy. If it's not then it'd be really puzzling as whilst I can take GB at face value at times I won't lie, the only good bits about that film for me are the GB elements that Feige can't take credit for. They're the elements that were always there and so are decent in spite of the film meaning the idea of him attempting something similar or darker... well, I'd need a ton of convincing.


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