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    GPD XD portable games console

    V.V.G.C, only used a couple of times, no marks anywhere, supplied with charger lead. Great controls for emulation & gaming, powerful enough for all 8 + 16 bit systems, some PS1 & PSP stuff runs great too. Adds controls to nearly all Android / Playstore games too.

    - takes Micro SD cards
    - Clamshell design like the 3DS
    - 16GB internal storage
    - 2 GB of DDR3 SDRAM
    - Optional TV connectivity
    - Good quality 5" HD Display (Touchscreen)
    - Virtual control mapper utility is included allowing the use of the physical controls with games that do not natively support them

    Also does Youtube, Chrome, Facebook, Messenger, Android Games, etc.

    Console will be reset & any fingerprints cleaned.

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    UPDATE - I've just found my NVidea Mini HDMI to Full HDMI cable, this gives you a cabled connection from the GPD to a TV or monitor with sound. This cost me around 15 but I'll throw it in too for free.

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