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    Daemon X Machina [NS]

    Firstly, any game that lets you pick up and use lamp posts as weapons is GOTY, obvs. But let's bring it back a sec.

    Daemon X Machina is set in a world where the AI caused half the moon to crash into the Earth and leave massive areas of barren wasteland. Which is where we get to SMASH robots with our robots. Missions are basically divided into either smashing something, or investigating something - followed by smashing something else. You may notice a lot of smashing so far. The evil AI are trying to do something or other, and it is up to us and a bunch of other Outer mercenaries to put a stop to their nefarious plans.

    Your mech, or "Arsenal" (despite the fact that they can actually win a match, ha ha) can have armour parts and weapons swapped out in the hanger ready for missions, or even left devoid of weapons and sent into the frag to use only what you can scavenge from other downed Arsenals. The variety comes from the different weapons you equip and how well you deploy them, and at the start of the game you have few to choose from. Scavenge parts, buy them from the shop, whichever gets you the better parts faster. You are also able to level up your Outer ("human") with different abilities, which then improves the interface with your Arsenal and therefore attributes in battle.

    There are two types of mission: Offer and Free. Offer furthers the story, free missions can be undertaken repeatedly to gain money and parts. Multiplayer only exists as Co-op right now, local and online, although there is talk of bringing something competitive in a little later on.

    The small screen in handheld mode is not ideally suited to the game but is sufficient. I generally prefer TV mode though.

    Oh and there is a weapon you get at the start that has an auto-fire mode. That is very useful I find, even though it does make missions a tad easier.

    So far, DxM is putting up a strong fight and keeping me off Monster Hunter AND No Man's Sky.

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    Sounds great. Have you played the demo available some time ago? How do the two compare?

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    Also I want to ask - does the game perform okay? The first demo had really choppy performance and even some of the trailers have poor framerates in their footage.

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    I played the original demo but it seems so long ago I couldn't really comment.
    The game does what it needs to. There can be some confusion when there is a lot going on but I haven't really noticed anything to complain about. I'm expecting the lack of variety in missions to be a bigger complaint.

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    I've done a several missions in this now and so far it comes across much less like some sort of mech game and more like a simplified EDF


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