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    Apex Legends (Xbox One, PS4 & PC)

    A battle royal game with its niche being Hero abilities and fast movement options which help it stand out from Realistic pixel hunts of Pubg to Fortnites Building spam and environmental destruction.

    Season 3 is now on us, the single biggest change is the removal of Kings Canyon for an entirely new map based around 4 different biomes(lava,ice,urban and spring water/grass) and large train traveling between the areas. Its very open, with alot of vertical places to climb or swing to and alot houses or flats/office building to run into into that usually act a centre point for each named areas.

    Played 6 won 3 from what i played tonight, as it really suits my mid range sniping and then getting mucky with a LMG or SMG close up.

    New guy Crypto, has really fast moving drone (but extreme weak, 1 bullet from assault rifle will take it down) you can fly around at the expense of losing control of your guy. The drone can mark and track opponents through walls so long as it can see them (so you can leave it deployed and as long as someone runs into its vision cone you and party can see them), destroys deployable equipment (DOC,gas,wattson stuff) and as an ultimate explodes causing shield damage through walls. So far i've found it's not useful early on, you can't afford to have 1 man out of the battle. But later on in the smaller circles it seems to shine finding campers and easily tagging the whole play area so you can see through walls effectively.
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    put a few hours into now, and the new map has some problems. The increased size and large empty spaces between main hubs can lead to little action and with the increased loot pool is so very easy to end up with no weapons or shields which means you either have a long run to next hub or you hope your teammates faired better and leech off their kills. Also a few of the huge hubs (big city ones and the Ice site) are pretty bad on the frame-rat. The hubs all sit in a crater so any 3rd party wandering in following the gunshots and have the entire area in view, often with a rifle, making getting tagged by 3,4 or 5 parties common occurrence.

    New charge rifle is an instant win button, the charging beam does damage, then additional pop from the round goes off doing up to 70-80 damage easily with no bullet drop, the only thing balancing the rifles, so im expecting some quick nerfs.

    Other than those problems i'm still enjoying it, the slowed paced due to 3rd party snipers making the good players that like bum-rushing with wraith, pathfinder and octane think twice before trying to solo a 3 man team, gives bad and average players breathing space.

    and to finish of a little 5mins highlight of walling off 3 other teams and whittling them down.

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    Season 4 hit tuesday, and with a raft of changes, a new character and battlepass. New guy is a robot assassin looking alot like the assassins in Fate/series, gets to crouch walk as fast as normal movement which supports players that like to bob, a pretty useless throwing knife and his ultimate is a reraise spawn point, very similar to battlefield's radio spawn.

    Map has had the middle city half destroyed by lava and the frame-rate seems worse than ever moving into that area, i'm actively avoiding it, it's that bad. And they plonked a massive tower in the middle where gas plant was, no frame-rate problems there at all.

    they've moved the sniper class of weapons to its own ammo slot to stop sniper/campers sitting on 200 rounds, so at most they'll have 20 rounds (10 rounds per inventory slot), seems to have hit triple take hard as it was a noob friendly but lowpowered at range you'll at best tag 25-35 damage on one round (most players would be on 150hp) so it was mostly used to annoy and make the enemy waste shields but having nearly no ammo you can't waste slots annoying enemy if you run out in a single fight.

    They did put in a new sniper, a bolt action slightly more powerful on body hits than a longbow(former heavy ammo sniper) but with a huge down time on the reload and forced ADS drop, it can't kill at all. Its unique action is to burn a shield battery for a couple of shield killing bullets but as before the reload is killer and even the worst player would have ran behind cover before you can line up a second and why would anyone want to waste precious shields.

    they've also put the horrible L-star in normal loot replacing the deviation LMG, lowered its damage and did nothing about the muzzle flash and kick so it's the new mozi, to be avoided.

    New battlepass is so,so, more emotes, 2 new good looking legendary skins, and more chances at loot ticks.


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