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    Hirst's Dirt-Cheap or Free Clearout (mostly 16-bit era)

    I'm clearing stuff out for decorating and finding game stuff that I'd like to find a new home for, but some of it isn't worth putting on eBay really.

    So I'm just charging roughly what it costs for the postage (based on UK mainland), but if you happen to be in Wakefield City Centre on my lunch break you can take it off me for nothing!

    Here's the first batch.

    Japanese Mega Drive Upper - 5
    It's just the shell part of a Japanese MD, the light is still wired in but I can't remember if it works. It's from a very dead system. Nice upgrade if you want to play Japanese games on a region-modded Western MD without having to hack the cartridge slot about. No buttons, I robbed them for another machine.

    Tips Books - 3
    Cheesy tips books that came free with magazines. You've got to take the lot though!

    The Ninja (Master System) - 3
    Box, manual and game! What's the catch? The box is quite torn up at the back. I've got a much nicer copy, but it's a cheap cheap game.

    Star Wing (SNES) - 2
    Just the cartridge! It worked last time I tried it, but I don't have a SNES to test at the moment.

    The second batch - this is a bunch of incompletes! No cartridge! This is for you if maybe you've got the cart on its own, maybe your box is in awful condition. Maybe you can complete the set!

    Back to the Future 3 - 2
    Box and manual - box is a bit battered but good sleeve, manual good too.

    Dune 2 - 2
    Box only, alright condition.

    Micro Machines - 2
    Box and manual, good condition.

    Micro Machines 2 - 2
    Box is good but missing a tab on the instruction holder, instructions are good.

    Rise of the Robots - 2
    Box, manual and one dead cartridge. Box is good, manual is a little scruffy, game doesn't work - looks like some pins are missing off it.

    And the third batch - some PS2 games that were inherited in bundles that I didn't want.

    Rocky Legends - 2
    Box is slightly scruffy, manual is OK, disc looks OK.

    Final Fantasy XII - 2
    Box is scruffy again with a broken tab on the disc holder, manual is OK, disc looks OK.

    Spyro: A Hero's Tale - 2
    Box is absolutely torn up to hell (game sleeve looks fine) with broken tab on disc holder, manual is absent, disc looks OK.

    Payment by Paypal is fine (if you're paying). More stuff to come as I dig things out.
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    Added the third batch - some PS2 games.


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