I was unsure about getting this, but I took the plunge and even got it on PC. And I did forget how quirky PC gaming can be: I thought the game would run in 4K, but the resolution on my system is locked at 2560x1440; maybe lowering detail and/or changing FSAA mode will unlock other resolutions, but the game runs at a locked 60fps at max settings, so I don't complain.
What I complain is that the DS4 (through DS4Windows) isn't correctly recognized, the d-pad registers double taps with all buttons, walking with the analog stick results in jerky movements, and the target locking doesn't work. Game's perfect with a X360 controller though.

Technical woes aside, Code Vein is a Souls-like, and if you to pursue the comparison, I'll say is closer to Bloodborne or even Nioh than any Souls, but the basic structure is the same: levels are sprinkled with mistle (bonfires), there are ladders to kick and doors to open for shortcuts, when you die you leave behind all the haze (souls) collected that you can recover.
You have a weak and strong attack, plus a set of skills that range from ranged attacks to boosts, and those consume blood. You can regain blood by backstabbing enemies or hitting them with a very slow special attack. Some weapons also give access to a basic ranged attack when used by the correct class, and you can switch classes via the equipment menu. Not quite on the fly, some classes can't use certain weapons, and those aren't automatically swapped with the class change.
But this does give a degree of flexibility when facing enemies: in addition to staple classes you also have more unique options like a class that can teleport right next to an enemy from afar.

You can equip up to two weapons and one piece of armour, but the focus of the combat is being aggressive, parrying and dodging enemy attacks. You can use the weapon on hand to block, but I honestly never used it, favouring maneuverability over cowering behind a weapon. The defense bonuses armours give are minor, so I've only donned armour I like visually. Different armour types change the backstab and parrying animations, and I'm not quite sure if the parrying timing changes with the armour; the backstab surely doesn't, and it's actually interesting to swap armours to see the various sequences.

Code Vein plays OK. Attacks deliver a good feedback, offensive actions are easily read, weapons and classes have a good variety. You can also bring an ally along with you, and they are pretty competent. I won't say they can even take down bosses without your help, but during the first proper boss battle of the game, my ally was able to deliver I'd say about 50% of the boss' lifebar, and can even resurrect you. Their health isn't infinite, they can suffer from status changes (like poison), and so you can heal/support them).

The setting is a post-apocalyptic world where you play as a revenant (vampire) and the ultimate goal is to kill the Queen, the creature who caused all this mess. Environments aren't particularly foreboding (at least from what I've seen) but I do prefer this modern look than a standard fantasy, and some vistas are quite spectacular. It's not quite God Eater but very similar, down to huge weapons wielded onehanded and crazy outfits.
The character creation tool is quite complex though not as much as, let's say Fallout 4, but definitely better than the Souls games. Plus, armour doesn't completely cover your character, and you can change pretty much everything (except sex and name) of your character whenever you like.

Code Vein looks like a solid game. Maybe not the most original, but solid nonetheless.