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    AI: The Somnium Files [PS4/NSW/PC]

    It's a new game written by Kotaru Uchikoshi, of 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Doors / Virtue's Last Reward / Zero Time Dilemma (quasi-) fame!

    You play a detective, and going by the blurb I've read elsewhere, you'll be investigating a string of murders along with an AI that lives inside your eye. I've only played about an hour this evening, after tearing myself away from Monster Hunter, so this will be brief, but... bloody hell it is off to a good start. Very snappy and intriguing from the get-go, and it's got a really decent visual style to it too - nice UI, 3D environments for you to look about, super-smooth movements, and very distinct characters. I'm a big fan of Uchikoshi's other work, and if the writing is up there with some of his other games then it's going to be a definite winner.

    Anyone else playing?

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    I figured this thread would end up a bit of an echo chamber

    Got my first ending last night, which landed quite abruptly. Started rewinding and looking at where the game's path branches, and was pretty impressed by how much things deviate. Have a few gripes about some of the sillier moments in it, but still enjoying the story enough, and expecting it to ramp up massively with the reveals soon.

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    I want this game bud. Interested in what you’ve posted so far and any more impressions are really welcome.

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    Finished it properly this Saturday just gone, and in the end came away very pleased. The last VN I played through fully was 428, and in comparison to that it's a little bit of a shame to be back with some of the more hackneyed anime tropes (the main character is a pervert, ho ho ho!), but it managed to avoid putting me off, and the actual story under the light-hearted fluff was quite enjoyable.

    It's not going to satisfy people looking for a more game-y VN, but there is at least a fair amount of interaction to be had. There's scenes with lots of bits of scenery to inspect, and though they typically amount to just whether you want to cut a conversation short or not, there's typically dialogue options to choose from - and though infrequent, you'll also be interviewing people and having to select appropriate evidence. The biggest component though by far is when you 'Psync' with other characters throughout the story, and have to solve puzzles in their dream world within a time limit by finding the right things to interact with, and how to interact with them. These are typically (and intentionally) abstract, and though some of the smaller ones are quite fun, the time limits you work with can be quite tough later on if you're having to test things out one by one. I cannot blame anyone for referring to a guide to get through these!

    But yeah - enjoyed it lots. If you've enjoyed other Uchikoshi work, I'd definitely recommend it.


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