Not modern Burnout.

Burnout 1.

Some observations from an hour or two worth of play.

  1. There are barely any options
  2. It doesn't seem like there is any music, I can link my Spotify account but I just CBA
  3. There looks to be a healthy amount of races to play
  4. It is too fast. Even the initial Sedan Class is too quick, maybe I'm old now but it feels like it starts far faster than it should
  5. The collisions are unforgiving, again, I don't remember the recent games being so punitive, the slightest nudge of pedestrian traffic results in a crash

So in line with the reduced price it is a stripped back experience that does what it says on the tin. The handling doesn't feel as nuanced as Burnout 2 did and I think it is trying to ape that experience but include the takedowns from Burnout 3.

I'm glad it exists and I'm happy to pay for the title but I can see why it didn't set the world on fire.