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    Bliss Box 4-Play Adapter and Cables

    Bliss Box 4-Play
    Great for emulation, allows you to use a multitude of original controllers over USB (up-to 4 at a time, hence the dodgy name!). Full info here - which is where I originally purchased it from) and the official site - Comes boxed with USB cable, and a bag stuffed with:

    2x Nintendo Entertainment System Cables
    2x Super Nintendo Entertainment System Cables
    2x Nintendo 64 Cables
    4x Nintendo GameCube Cables
    2x Retro DB9 Cables (Mega Drive, Master System, Atari etc)
    2x Sega Dreamcast Cables
    2x Sega Saturn Cables
    2x Sony PlayStation/PlayStation 2 Cables

    Updated to the latest firmware, but selling as I never have time to play around much with this stuff!

    70 via PPG or BT, includes UK postage.

    I haven't really used the device, so not really best placed to answer questions on the usage of it - please check the links above or google it :-)

    8BitDo SFC30 and SNES Receiver - SOLD
    This is the one without any analog sticks, and the SNES bluetooth receiver (for original SNES console, not the mini/classic). Both updated to latest firmware. Receiver can be used on PC by the looks of it (just found out as I was updating it!).

    Pad is boxed (slightly squished, comes with keyring and original USB cable), it's also had a dpad fix (was a problem on early models), receiver is unboxed and has a crack in the casing (it's still in one piece though) - also comes with USB cable for PC usage.

    20 inc UK postage - PPG or BT


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    Hi Pete, I'm interested in the 8BitDo SFC30 and SNES Receiver, just to confirm it has the the adapter to use it on the original SNES?


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