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    Brigand : Oaxaca (PC) - awesome janky FPS RPG

    Has anyone else played this?

    It's a strange FPS RPG set 100 years after World War III, in Mexico, and features cybertonic implants, hacking, mutant zombies, voodoo magic, swordfighting, gunplay, explosives, demons, crafting, factions, multiple endings, a complex inventory, day/night cycle, dialogue trees, and a complex skills system.

    Basically it's a weird blend of cool stuff from Deus Ex, STALKER, Fallout, Gothic, Morrowind, EYE: Divine Cybermancy, Pathologic, etc.

    And it was made by just one man.

    I bought it on the strength of this video:

    To give you an example of how awesome it is, and how most problems have multiple solutions, Chapter 3 requires you to sneak into the enemy city of Pochutla. To do so you need a password. You can either make a deal with a shaman, Tio, to kill the head of a banana beer plantation, Ricardo, in order to prove your loyalty and get the password. But this makes Ricardo's faction, the UBNS, hostile to you. You can find and bribe a specific NPC for the password, but it's pricey. Or like me, you can stumble across a soldier's corpse in the wasteland, a guy also trying to get into Pochutla. He doesn't know the passwords, one for morning, afternoon, night, and early morning. But he knows they are based on questions relating to the shaman's religion. So read his diary and find the questions he scrawled. So I go back to the shaman, who also sells voodoo books, and lo and behold, one of his books deals with his religion's history. I buy it for 5 jink, scroll to the chapter I need, and discover the answers. I then type these with my keyboard and get access to the city.

    The whole discovery was very organic.

    I bought ELEX on the Steam special, but I find I just keep wanting to play this. It's weird, and janky, and awesome.

    If anyone else is tempted to start and needs tips, let me know. It's super tough at first, but there's a lot of things you can do to make the ride easier. For one thing, focus on a gunplay style character with charisma. When creating a custom class you want to jack charisma up to 10, and immediately buy the Negotiate and Detect Motive abilities. These are passive abilities that will allow you to get more currency and more experience points during dialogue.
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