Backed this on Indiegogo and tried the early demo a while back.

Been greatly expanded on since then and in a nut shell take Metroidvania, sprinkle in some Valkyrie profile style hybrid turn and real time combat and all with a 2d handrawn aesthetic with 3d backgrounds and stages and you are there.

Put in quite a number of hours so far and will say its really good, though do not expect a in depth RPG as a lot of it has been paired back, there is no equipment or items really, more collecting new characters to add to your team, new abilities which you can always use and finding gems to upgrade defence and offense and that is really about it. Only needed to go into menu is to change teams or see the map.

Combat is each face buttons corresponds to a character and using direction and the button can change what move they do and there is a pretty good synergy like one character pressing the button will cause them to attack but then build up healing ability and then if you press up and the button you heal the team, if you did not attack before and just healed it would do far less. You can also build up a super bar and each character has 3 type of supers, however you drain the bar if you block but what is really cool if you can time the block just before they attack it reduces damage and no super bar is used.

I really like the look and the Voice acting (though the main character does annoying things later on) I think what i was surprised about and not expecting was the sheer amount of platforming to do and there are some very hard things like pogo stick spikes (like in duck tales) and then while in mid air fire a arrow to make a wall safe then jump off the wall to get to a ledge.

Only issue i have so far is there is a lot of long winded back tracking which can be a bit of a grind though and the combat feels like it pretty much shows all it has to offer early on and while characters can change things a bit and some enemies need different strategies like knocking them out the air or breaking there defense once you get good at parrying it starts to become a lot easier.