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    Retro handheld options for PC stuff?

    I own an old Pocket PC and it runs SimCity 2000 pretty well. I havenít seen it in years and really have the urge to play it but have searched every box I have and canít find it. So I now have a real itch to scratch and want to play SimCity 2000 in whatever the best way possible is but on the go.

    So... what are the options?

    I could play the PS1 version on a PSP. Itís pretty good if I remember correctly but not fully featured. But the game is very old at this point so Iím thinking there must be some kind of retro handheld system that would run it. But most I have seen are designed around console games rather than PC games. Anyone know much about handheld systems designed with old PC stuff in mind?

    I had a look at those GDP systems and they look great but theyíre pricey. What else is there?

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    SimCity 2000 still runs on modern windows with a few tweaks. If you have a Windows tablet I'd assume you could play it that way. Using it with a stylus would probably make things a lot easier as well. Just a guess though.

    Failing that, perhaps some DosBox port on Android? It'll be the low res version though and I'm not sure how well it would work.

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    The DragonBox Pyra is what you seek, but let it be known it will cost many a coin.

    Ignore me but I had no idea as to the existence of the GPD Win2 which pretty much trumps it in every department.
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    I got the Windows version of Sim City 2000 running on Win10 pretty easy, think I had to install a small patch. If you've got a laptop, that could be a way. An unintended benefit of running the Windows version on a modern machine is the fastest speed setting isn't capped, so your city speeds along like The Time Machine (your power stations reach their age limit and blow up every minute or so).

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    Thanks guys. I must admit I haven’t ever looked at any of the Windows tablets but that’s probably a good idea given they are the successor to the old Pocket PC that I’m missing. And yes, using my laptop is an option that I have but I’m just curious to know what else might be out there. In a world full of retro handheld emulation systems designed around consoles, I found myself wondering if there are more built around the PC.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hirst View Post
    power stations reach their age limit and blow up every minute or so
    Sounds like something from the movie Idiocracy.


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