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    Xeno Crisis - MD, Neo-Geo, DC, Switch and Steam.

    Got my hands on the Mega Drive version of Xeno Crisis today. It’s a bit tasty. It’s similar in style to Smash TV with the d-pad for movement and if you have a six button pad X,Y, A and B control the direction of fire with the other buttons for roll and grenade. You enter an area and must destroy all the enemies that room throws at you. But you have limited ammo and have to scavenge what’s lying around. Optional weapons appear from time to time giving you a boost. You also have a limited stock of grenades. Collect the dog tags left behind when you destroy the enemies and spend them on character upgrades after the boss rounds. There are also hostages to rescue and some rooms have multiple exits to choose from.
    This game has obviously been made with the Mega Drive as it’s target platform so it’s smooth 60Hz goodness with well animated characters and tight controls. It offers easy and hard modes and a two player option which I haven’t yet tried.
    Visuals are excellent but special mention is due to Savage Regime’s soundtrack. It’s very good with crystal clear sounds and probably the best speech I’ve heard in a MD game.
    There are loads of nice little touches harking back to old school games like the Tatsujin style wipes, the 68000 points high score and the Captain in the intro is named Darius. Nice.
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    Great game. I'm playing the NSW version.

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    I kickstarted this eons ago and whilst my physical MD cart hasn't turned up I have at least got the ROM and the Switch version. It's a fun game, essentially Smash TV with aliens. The art is nice (if a little repetitive) and the music is decent enough. I actually expected better from the music if I'm being totally honest, as Savaged Regime has done some amazing work covering other people's music on the MegaDrive sound chip. Sadly it seems that when he's asked to compose his own stuff, he's not at the same level.

    Having played it a fair bit on both the MD and the Switch, I think it's fair to say that the Switch version is far superior. Not on the audio/visual side, but simply because the addition of the second analogue stick and the triggers makes the game so much easier (and more comfortable) to play.

    If you're interested Savaged Regime has a YouTube channel with all of his YM2612 covers. Some are pretty amazing, and really show what the MD could do in the right hands.

    These are especially good ones -

    Ken's theme -
    Vampire Killer -
    Shinobi 3 -
    Theme of Simon -

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    It's obviously a Smash TV clone and is therefore not gonna be the next Gunstar Heroes but this is one of the few released homebrew MD games that *actually* looks polished enough to have been released in 1995. Looks PROPER good.

    Hope they take the top-down perspective and turn it into a scrolling Mercs-style shooter or some kind of actiony RPG. Summat like that.

    Glad the finished product has turned out to be decent.

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    Yeah, this looks ace. It's interesting to see the difference between pixelart when they're genuinely confined by a console's limitations, rather than what they remember they looked like. They've tried to make it look as good as possible and it shows!

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    Went with the MVS cart and the option to have my name in the game as a hostage

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaki View Post
    Went with the MVS cart and the option to have my name in the game as a hostage

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    I did consider buying the MVS version but having already ordered the MD version I decided against it. But after playing it I am really tempted. How the four button MVS controller will fair compared to a six button Sega pad is a concern though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaki View Post
    Went with the MVS cart and the option to have my name in the game as a hostage
    Can I shoot the hostages?


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