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    Quote Originally Posted by tokyochojin View Post
    Perfect couch multiplayer game with a partner/friends. Like Neon said it's more of the same but what is here is really fun. Graphics are lovely too.
    Thinking about getting this for my son for Christmas, but could you tell me more about the couch co-op, please?

    Does it work with half a JoyCon each like Odyssey or does it need a whole pad each like Minecraft?

    I know it sounds silly, but is this scary? For kids, I mean!

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    Definitely not scary, but honestly as much as the evolution from LM>LM2>LM3 isn't that huge I'm enjoying this quite a lot more than the likes of BOTW and Odyssey. It's very straight forward and good at what it does without all the excess fat of things that those games aren't good at dragging the experience down. A solid hour on it and afterwards I should roll over in bed and have a celebratory cigarette

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    So impressed- this has been fine tuned to a great level. I'm working through in bite sized chunks- one floor at a time is a great way to play. Just those elevator doors opening and anticipating what's next is great!!

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    Yeah, for sure you can play it with no issues with a joycon each. The only thing that is really taken away is the torch aiming as it changes to an auto-aim which actually makes things easier imo.
    I think playing in 2-player is definitely preferable as it's kinda clunky in 1-player switching between Gooigi and Luigi.

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    Thanks chaps.
    Tried to tap my son about it to see if he knew about it, but I've forgotten the endless barrage of adverts on the Switch home page, so he did.

    He didn't tell me what's going on his Christmas list though, that's for Father Christmas to know!

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    Finished this just now and just brilliant, utterly brilliant game.

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    What a treat this is. So much effort has gone into this game to make it constantly fun and charming. The hotel is a great setting (like a fun-size The Shining ) with a load of character and varied environments. The puzzles are pitched just right and the bustin' itself is better than ever with the ability to slam ghosts into stuff (and each other). It's a great fun game. Loving exploring every nook and cranny of the hotel ... every new floor is genuinely exciting to arrive at.

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    OK I've cracked reading these posts. Bought a switch lite for this game and zelda links awakening

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    Finished this tonight. Fab game throughout. Last boss was frustrating for a stint though.

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    Looking forward to playing this. Kept it for chrimbo along with Yoshi's crafted world.


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