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    Luigi's Mansion 3

    Extremely early in the game after maybe an hours play in total but it seems to be another winner in the series. So far the game is full of all the usual visual little touches and flourishes that marks the series out as being, randomly, one of Nintendo's best looking series. Luigi has a whole new set of little mannerisms as he rummages round the hotel, you quickly get your backpack back (though it seems fairly randomly located) and whilst I'm sure there'll be plenty of ideas scattered through the game so far it's very much more of what the previous games contained.

    It'll just be me but having worked through the second entry not long ago I'm finding the aiming on the right stick fiddly, but otherwise it broadly already has a bit more of an original LM vibe about it. Very interested to see if having that console structure back allows it to breathe out in a way that tops the previous efforts.

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    Loved the series and thought the second one on the 3DS was superb. This one probably makes me regret selling my Switch

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    Probably around a third of the way through and whilst this is in many ways more of the same it's also ruddy glorious. It looks constantly great and plays well too, just the right balance of elements in it and it's so great to see what was a quirky Gamecube launch game finally get the chance to shine and become a core franchise that it deserves to be, a sign Nintendo really should look back at its past IP's more often.

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    Perfect couch multiplayer game with a partner/friends. Like Neon said it's more of the same but what is here is really fun. Graphics are lovely too.

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    Loving it so far although not too keen on the torch aiming mechanic . Loving the VB references

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    Quote Originally Posted by Junko View Post
    VB references
    Give us a clue.

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