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    Quote Originally Posted by Neon Ignition View Post
    I'm hoping that the reason they're taking so long is that they've timed the project around Lord and Millers availability rather than reduce their involvement and end up with something watered down.
    It's because every frame takes ages to render.

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    Yep. The story process tends to take way longer on animated features too because it is way, way too costly to cut a scene down the line (it happens but they try to avoid it as much as possible). So animated films tend to go through lengthier storyboarding and now previz passes before even starting the animation - you could start quicker but end up costing a fortune in retakes and fixes.

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    Word on Twitter is that the Japanese Spider-Man will be in Spider-Verse 2. LEOPARDON! I haven’t checked sources in case it turns out to be a false rumour so I’m just enjoying the moment.

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    I wonder if Sony will go all out and have Tom Holland appear as they planned to in the first film. If they do they should literally go all out and have him be live action. Either that of Tobey Maguire because the series isn't legit until the Mag's is in it.

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    No. Nobody wants Tobey Maguire. Not even you deep down. This is a form of self-harm.

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    That’s great news. Potential for a lot of fun there. I remember being very impressed with how reserved they were with the end of the first, keeping focus on Miles rather than bringing in a crazy amount of Spider-Peeps, but I wonder if they’ll go all out on this one and try to throw everyone they can in.

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